Low Fees

High fees can reduce your retirement income by 40% or more. Common Wealth’s low, transparent fees can save a typical worker $100,000 or more over a lifetime.

Keep your government benefits

RRSPs and other retirement plans can result in a significant loss of government benefits. Our plan allows you to save without worrying about the government reducing your Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Key decisions made by the pros

Common Wealth’s retirement plans are designed by pension professionals to produce the best retirement outcome for you. Our simple design makes it easy to choose a path towards a more secure retirement.

See how a Common Wealth retirement plan can deliver more than triple the retirement bang for the buck than a typical RRSP

Other features of a Common Wealth retirement plan


Stays with you from job to job and into retirement. As you change employers, you can stay in the plan and continue to contribute.

Put your interests first

Our plans are run with your best interests in mind. They have a fiduciary duty to put your retirement security first.

Your employer can contribute

As with a traditional pension, our plans allow employers to contribute to the plan on your behalf, so that the costs of retirement security can be shared.

Common Wealth retirement plan vs. typical financial product

Common Wealth retirement plan
Low fee
Your interests come first
Your employer can contribute
Save thousands of dollars in government benefits
Typical financial product
High fee
Their profits come first
You save on your own
You could lose thousands in government benefits

Simple Calculator Layout

Calculate Savings

Contribution Method:
Flat $
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By age 65, you could save $0 with a Common Wealth retirement plan*

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