Set up a portable retirement plan for your community

Enhance value to members

Provide a valuable benefit to members that they cannot find elsewhere

Grow your community

Give prospective members another reason to join

Retain your members

When members stay in a retirement plan for life, they stay connected with your organization for life

Be a decent-work leader

Play a leadership role in providing retirement security to workers who need it most

Key features of a Common Wealth retirement plan

Designed to maximize the retirement bang for the buck for your community

Overseen by a non-profit board with a fiduciary duty to members

Contribute through payroll or your bank account

Branded and distributed by the sponsoring union, association, or other membership-based organization

A simple, diversified approach to investment managed by one of the world’s leaders in low-cost investing

Open to members of your organization and their family members

Preserves government benefits in retirement (e.g., Guaranteed Income Supplement)

Employers can contribute on behalf of their workers

Low, transparent fees

Simple, digital, self-serve administration


Case study

Learn about my65+, the first retirement plan for modest earners in Canada, which Common Wealth designed in partnership with SEIU Healthcare


Plan member-costs From $7/month plus investment fees
Plan design and set up Varies depending on your organization’s needs
Governance and distribution support Varies depending on your organization’s needs and the needs of the plan

How we work together

We work in partnership with membership-based organizations to create and deliver retirement plans for workers without access to pensions.

What we do

  • Design and build a plan that’s customized for your organization and your membership
  • Provide the services and technology to administer the plan
  • Support the governance of the plan
  • Support your organization in promoting the plan

What our partners do

  • Help us understand your membership and organizational needs/assets
  • Appoint members of a non-profit board to oversee the plan
  • Use your organizational assets to get members enrolled in the plan through various channels (e.g., member communication, collective bargaining, sector-based partnerships)
JEA Evans and Associates (JEA)

JEA Evans and Associates (JEA)

Our Technology Partner

Common Wealth has partnered with JEA to create a simple, self-service plan administration and record keeping software to support its plans.

James Evans and Associates (JEA) is a Canadian pension administration software company with nearly four decades of pension experience. JEA provides pension solutions for many public-sector organizations, health care workers, and large unions, as well as most of the federal government pension plans. These plans together administer the pensions of nearly 1.5 million members.

Partner with us to deliver a best-in-class benefit to your members