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Alex Mazer is a Founding Partner at Common Wealth, a mission-driven business focused on expanding access to retirement security. Common Wealth partners with associations, unions, and other groups to build and manage large-scale, collective retirement plans. The company’s focus is on constituencies that are uncovered or underserved by traditional employer-sponsored retirement arrangements.

Common Wealth’s recent work includes Common Good, a collaborative initiative with leaders in the Canadian nonprofit sector to create a national, portable retirement plan for nonprofit workers, creating the first retirement plan for lower-income Canadians in collaboration with SEIU, and creating a collective retirement plan for physicians in partnership with the Ontario Medical Association. Common Wealth has also worked with partners from around the world, including the Aspen Institute, the World Bank, and some of the world’s leading pension funds, on retirement research and other initiatives designed to strengthen retirement systems. The company’s recent research has focused on the idea of portable non-employer retirement benefits in the US (in collaboration with the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program) and a proposal for a “Canada Saver’s Credit” for lower- and moderate-income workers.

Before co-founding Common Wealth, Alex served as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and in various public service roles. As Director of Policy to the Ontario Minister of Finance during the global financial crisis, Alex helped deliver major reforms to Ontario’s retirement system, helping to lay the groundwork for the recent expansion of the Canada Pension Plan. A graduate of McMaster University (as a Loran Scholar), the University of Toronto, and Harvard Law School (where he served as an editor on the Harvard Law Review), Alex lives with his partner, Attiya, and their son, in downtown Toronto.