We partner with associations, unions, and employers to deliver value-for-money, collective retirement plans that combine user-friendly technology, digital retirement planning, low-cost investments, secure lifetime income, and a fiduciary duty to members.


Our plan designs have been featured in international media, profiled by global thought leaders in the pensions and retirement fields, and nominated for an international pensions award. These designs are based on principles from the world's best pension organizations, the latest evidence on what works in retirement security, and an in-depth understanding of the needs of the communities we are serving.

  • Member research
  • Retirement research
  • Market research and engagement
  • Investment product sourcing and innovation for both the accumulation and decumulation phase
  • Governance design
  • Regulatory diligence
  • Member and employer service model design, including digital and human touch elements
  • Design of distribution models and strategies to grow the plan
  • Integrated design



We provide turnkey implementation of the plans we design. Implementations are complex processes, so we aim to make the experience as easy as possible for the plan sponsor, while meeting timelines and project budgets.

  • Integrated project management
  • Vendor selection and management / collaboration (e.g., investment managers, custodians, annuities providers)
  • Governance implementation, including assistance with the setup of retirement plan boards, the sourcing and onboarding of board members, and the creation of governance documents and policies
  • Development of education and communications materials and approaches to support the plan
  • Design, implementation, and integration of white-labelled digital technologies to support plan delivery, including digital marketing, planning tools, and self-serve recordkeeping software
  • Education and training of key stakeholders in the community / at the sponsor level


We offer integrated, holistic, collaborative management of collective retirement plans on behalf of our partners. We serve as the management team for boards or sponsors, focusing on delivering value for money for members, high levels of client satisfaction, and the growth and continuous improvement of the plan.

  • Governance support, including serving as the "corporate secretary" to retirement plan boards, producing high-quality, strategic, executive-level board materials, and implementing governance processes based on best practices from the world's top pension organizations
  • Self-serve, customizable digital technology
  • Member service through multiple channels, including self-serve digital tools, email, web chat and phone
  • Employer service through multiple channels, including self-serve digital tools, email, web chat, phone, and in-person sessions
  • Evidence-based member communications, including digital member statements, educational web materials, and behaviourally-informed digital communications
  • Vendor management / collaboration, including coordination of all services providers associated with the plan, including investment managers, custodians, and annuities providers
  • Ongoing training and support for the sponsor or other stakeholders in the community to help grow and improve the plan
  • Design and implementation of employer and member engagement strategies and tactics to scale the plan
  • Product development, research, and innovation focused on continuous improvement of the plan and its value for members

Common Wealth has approval from the Ontario Securities Commission to administer capital accumulation plans across Canada.



Our self-service, customizable technology platform supports members in maximizing their retirement outcomes and sponsors in creating value for their constituencies.

  • Modern, member-centric user experience
  • Cloud-based
  • Integrates multiple account types into a single view
  • Configurable based on sponsor needs, with powerful white-labelling capabilities and ability to integrate with a customized education program
  • Embeds retirement planning tools
  • Focuses on monthly retirement income
  • Integrates deferred and immediate annuities
  • Integrates government benefits

Evidence shows that high-quality collective retirement plans tend to be

far more cost-effective than a typical individual approach to retirement

Our Principles


A fiduciary duty to put plan members' interests first

Life cycle approach

Serving members throughout their working life and in retirement


Focused on achieving maximum retirement income for every hard-earned dollar saved


Informed by the latest research and data on “what works” in retirement security


Design and management focused on the unique needs of the membership group


Bringing together investments, governance, technology, plan design, communications, member and employer service

Access and portability

Adapted to the needs of a 21st century labour force and economy

Tax and benefits optimization

Helping members to navigate complex tax and public benefits regimes so they can maximize their net retirement income

Continuous improvement

Collective retirement plans should evolve over time, as they scale, to continuously create more value, and a better experience, for members

We partner with labour unions, industry and professional associations, collaboratives within a particular sector, groups of employers and other communities

Willing to make a long-term commitment to strengthening retirement security

Have a strong understanding of their memberships and a strong desire to create value for those members

Have the necessary scale to create plans that can grow

Set up a portable retirement plan for your community