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Episode 9

One voice we haven’t heard yet in our podcast series is that of the plan sponsor. What are the challenges companies are facing as they help their employees improve their retirement incomes? Cindy Deere (General Manager, U.S. Pension Plans, Shell) shares insights on how a major employer leading in global pensions provides support to about 60,000 participants.

This interview was recorded in the summer of 2019.

00:00 | Opening
01:30 | Introduction: Cindy Deere’s background and global experience
04:10 | Features of the Shell U.S. pension plans
09:00 | How Shell manages its plans
12:00 | ESG and the pension assets
14:20 | Employee engagement and retirement preparation
19:00 | The business case for the employer
22:00 | Retire to, not just from, something
24:40 | Cindy thinks about her own Life Two
28:20 | The retirement savings challenge
32:10 | Don’s personal touch: the value of having a regular retirement paycheck, having a plan at all, and the retirement seminar

39:37 | End

Music: “The Zeppelin” by Blue Dot Sessions and “Upbeat Party” by Scott Holmes
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