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Episode 8

Throughout our podcast, we’ve learned about the many challenges within the retirement field, both personal and collective.  Now we hear from two acknowledged leaders who observe the global scene, each also with much hands-on experience in creating innovative practices. Ida Rademacher (Vice President, The Aspen Institute, and Executive Director, Aspen Financial Security Program) and Will Sandbrook (Executive Director, NEST Insight) discuss their Aspen-Nest Insight Transatlantic Collaboration and tell us what they see in the future to improve the retirement security of this generation and future generations. 

This interview was recorded in the summer of 2019.

00:00 | Opening
01:50 | Intro to Ida Rademacher and Will Sandbrook: why they got involved with retirement issues, and how they got together
06:30 | What The Aspen Institute and NEST Insight do
12:10 | Retirement as a way to build wealth for low- to moderate-income households
16:40 | The evidence shows that people really do want to save
21:30 | Expanding access to retirement security
26:30 | Non-employer-centric structures
33:50 | Innovation through technology
40:20 | Future changes in the system
46:30 | Innovation for the lifetime income phase
51:50 | Don’s personal touch: Ida and Will prompt several action steps
59:05 | End

Music: “The Zeppelin” by Blue Dot Sessions and “Upbeat Party” by Scott Holmes

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