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Episode 6

People seek out life coaches when they’re trying to achieve more fulfillment or pursue a new career, so why not have a life coach to help with the challenging life transition of retirement? You don’t have to do it alone – setting goals and figuring out how to structure your life for greater satisfaction. We explore how Life Two coaching works and its benefits, both psychological and financial, with retirement coach Jon Glass of 64 PLUS.  Later on the show, Don shares his own experience, with its unexpected emotions, and draws lessons so others can benefit.

00:00 | Opening
01:30 | Intro to Jon Glass via his tagline “Retirement: you won’t know what it is like until you get there”
03:30 | Busy is not always meaningful; relevance deprivation syndrome; stay-at-home syndrome; Monday morning-after syndrome
07:20 | How a life coach helps, and the types of people who can be helped
14:50 | Dedicate your energy to what gives you pleasure
17:30 | Most of these principles also apply to life before retirement
21:20 | Adjusting to being at home, in retirement
25:40 | Your emotional legacy
29:40 | Friends and relatives help you to avoid anxiety and loneliness
34:20 | Your true values in life — and the role for boredom in retired life
38:50 | Opportunities to give to society
43:50 | There are no “right” answers
49:30 | Don’s personal touch: Replanting your uprooted tree; even young people recognize the psychological transition; some good questions to ask yourself
57:39 | End

Music: “The Zeppelin” by Blue Dot Sessions and “Upbeat Party” by Scott Holmes
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