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Episode 3

Just the thought of retirement planning can be daunting for many, so getting started is often the hardest step. Individuals not only have to overcome financial issues, but also psychological barriers. David John (Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, AARP Public Policy Institute) describes the challenges people face and the approaches for a successful retirement. Later in the show, we take you through the first stage of retirement planning, identifying the minimum, successful and exceptional standards.

00:00 | Opening
01:30 | Intro to David John: his background
04:00 | What hinders people from starting?
08:40 | Automatic and behavioral finance solutions
13:30 | Specific examples: Oregon and California
18:20 | Saving for emergencies
22:20 | People on lower and moderate incomes
29:00 | Personal stories!
32:50 | Motivation to take action
39:40 | Learn from other countries
43:30 | You don’t need numerous savings accounts for different purposes
47:40 | Trust (but verify)
53:10 | Where to find David’s work
56:10 | Don’s personal touch: the minimum standard, success and the gold standard in the early years
1:05:50 | End

Music: “The Zeppelin” by Blue Dot Sessions and “Upbeat Party” by Scott Holmes
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