About Common Wealth

Common Wealth provides workplace retirement benefits for a 21st century workforce. We’re dedicated to helping to close the retirement security gap for the tens of millions of people who lack access to a good workplace retirement plan. We partner with associations, unions, and employers to deliver value-for-money, collective retirement plans that combine user-friendly technology, digital retirement planning, low-cost investments, secure lifetime income, and a fiduciary duty to members. Our work is serving a wide range of people who’ve lacked access to good workplace retirement benefits, from home care workers to physicians to not-for-profit employees to workers across Canada’s private sector. Common Wealth has been recognized internationally for its work in addressing the global retirement challenge.

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You want to be part of a business that is mission-driven, profitable, and growing
  • You love to learn and are self-aware about your strengths and limitations
  • You love to roll up your sleeves and produce work that meets the highest standards for quality and attention to detail
  • You are a supportive and adaptable team member

What you will do

  • Serve as one of three members of Common Wealth’s initial technology team, reporting to the Technical Lead
  • Help build new features for Common Wealth’s technology platform to add additional value for plan members, employers, and other Common Wealth clients
  • Support implementations of Common Wealth’s technology platform for new clients, including helping to customize the front-end of the technology to support each client’s needs
  • Support technology platform maintenance, production, and support, including ensuring the software stays up and running and applying security patches
  • Build admin features to make your Common Wealth teammates more efficient

Key skills (general)

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to thrive in a highly collaborative environment

Key skills (technical)

  • Requirements
    • 3+ years of software development experience
    • 2+ years of experience with React.js
    • Demonstrated expertise of JavaScript and its related dialects (e.g. ES6+ or TypeScript) 
    • Experience with node.js and Express
    • Demonstrated knowledge of various CSS Modules (e.g. Flexbox, Transitions and Animations, or Grid Layout)
    • Understanding of the trade-offs and compromises necessary to create consistently rich user experiences across multiple devices and platforms
    • Experience using Progressive Enhancement techniques and extended web technologies 
    • Attention to detail: we want interfaces to look and feel good across browsers
    • Ability to take a feature from design to production
  • Nice-to-have
    • Demonstrated expertise of AWS Cloud services and how to quickly deploy them in applications.
    • Demonstrated expertise building and optimizing a great UX
    • Experience working with a service oriented architecture
    • Experience using product usage information to make product and design decisions

Benefits of this opportunity

  • Make a difference. Use your software skills for good by helping more people achieve a secure retirement. Many people will use, and benefit from, the software that you build.  
  • Help us build a team. Play a central role in guiding our company towards a greater focus on technology. Your role and the team’s small size mean you will interact regularly with Common Wealth’s co-founders. 
  • Start-up nimbleness with less downside. Like many start-ups, we are small and can innovate quickly. But we’ve also been in business for over four years without having raised or borrowed capital, meaning there is less risk associated with our business model than those firms that have yet to find product-market fit. 
  • Competitive total rewards. We pay competitively relative to professional services and better than many start-ups. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an employee stock option plan, have access to benefits, and receive regular skills-based training.

Do I need a pensions and retirement background?

No. If you have the ability (and humility) to learn quickly, and if you can collaborate effectively with our team, we are confident you will be able to succeed at Common Wealth.

I’ve never thought about a career in pensions and retirement. Why should I consider this?

  • Meaningful impact. The global retirement savings gap is estimated at $70 trillion. By making a dent in this problem, you can make a big difference.
  • Growth market. As longevity increases, the need for efficient retirement security is likely to grow.
  • Challenging problem. We’re looking for people who love tackling hard problems. Retirement security is considered one of the most difficult problems in finance. Solutions require creativity and a combination of disciplines, both financial and non-financial.
  • Toronto: a global centre of excellence. Common Wealth is located at the centre of one of the world’s most sophisticated ecosystems for pensions and retirement. Toronto is home to some of the world’s leading pension funds and retirement experts, as well as being a leader in financial services and technology.

What’s the process?

To apply for the role, please send your resume and a 200-word statement of interest in a single PDF to careers@cwretirement.com with the subject line “Intermediate Front-End Developer.” If you have examples of your work online, it would help if you could point us to them. Please send us your application by October 12, 2019.

After receiving applications, we’ll contact a subset of candidates for a 30-minute screening interview by phone or video conference. From there, we’ll move onto in-person interviews. You can expect 3-4 such interviews, including an evaluation of your tech skills. Because we’re a small, collaborative organization, we want to make sure that a successful candidate will have had a chance to meet with most of the members of our team, including both co-founders. Interviews will focus on understanding how you work, Common Wealth’s culture, problem solving, and technical ability. Finalist candidates can also expect a technically oriented work assignment.

Ideally we would like to welcome our new technical lead to the team by January 2020 or earlier.