Benefits for employers

Our union- and association-sponsored plans allow employers to access better quality retirement plans without taking on the administrative, legal, or financial obligations of being a plan sponsor.

Minimal paperwork

Self-serve, digitally based system makes it easy for participating employers

Limited compliance burden

No fiduciary or compliance responsibilities on your part – we take care of that

Reduce turnover

Providing a good retirement plan is proven to increase worker tenure, increasing productivity and reducing churn-related costs

No financial risk

No financial liability for the employer beyond any employer contributions and potentially some modest implementation costs

Be a “decent work” leader

Build a reputation as a model employer that supports the financial security of its employees

How it works for employers

Employer Registration

Log into a secure employer portal and follow our simple instructions.

Employer Processing

Payroll processing - deducting, remitting and reconciling contributions - supports better retirement outcomes for your employees. Change member contributions once per year - limits your role while recognizing your employee needs. No CRA reporting is required.

Employee Support

Posting Common Wealth retirement plan information at your worksite is all that is needed. A well-designed self-service portal for members leads to minimal employer support.

By partnering with a union, association, or group of employers in your sector, you can help your employees get access to a high-quality retirement benefit