Company Culture

We are guided, first and foremost, by our decision to expand access to retirement security.

Our default setting is to be non-hierarchical, meritocratic, and inclusive in decision-making . Impact is what drives our choices.

We believe that the ability to learn, grow, and be self-reflective about weaknesses, mistakes, and failures is essential.

We believe that success comes from a combination of productivity and creativity.


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Why join us?

Opportunity for impact  —  We are a mission-driven business. Succeeding in our mission will materially enhance the financial security of thousands of people.

Work on hard problems  —  Your work will require you to think creatively, combine different fields and disciplines, find ways to get things done with limited resources, and solve challenging problems.

Mentorship  —  We may be a young company, but we make up for that in experience. Our team members have 60+ years of pension industry experience combined, have co-founded multiple organizations, have advised government ministers and the Prime Minister of Canada, and have worked in a wide variety of sectors including law, management consulting, health care, media, tech, and nonprofit management. A small but seasoned team like ours brings great mentorship benefits for an early team member.

Staff Testimonials

Common Wealth offers a challenging and inclusive work environment for individuals at any stage in their career. All team members learn and contribute through close collaboration on meaningful initiatives, respectful dialogue and exposure to a broad range of business issues, work approaches, clients and industry experts. This is work at its best.

Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown Co-Head of Plan Operations

I chose to join Common Wealth because it is 1) a dynamic and creative company that is 2) solving a hugely important problem and 3) is somewhere I feel I can make a contribution. We have a unique opportunity to make people’s lives better. I can’t think of a better place to launch the next phase of my career!

Connor Bays
Connor Bays Associate