Opportunity: Analyst

Common Wealth is seeking an Analyst to join our team to help advance our mission to expand access to retirement security. The Analyst will act as a “nimble generalist,” supporting our team of Associates, and contributing to a wide range of client projects and initiatives across the company.

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You want to be part of a growing, mission-driven business
  • You love to learn and are self-aware about your strengths and limitations
  • You combine strong analytical abilities with strong people skills
  • You are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the work you do
  • You don’t accept things the way they are
  • You are adaptable to a changing environment
  • You are a supportive team member
  • You love to roll up your sleeves and produce work that meets the highest standards for quality and attention to detail

What you will do

At Common Wealth, we work in teams to solve complex retirement challenges on behalf of our clients. You will collaborate closely with Common Wealth's Partners, Associates, Plan Operations leaders, and other colleagues to serve our clients and drive projects forward.

Expect every day to look different. You could be working on 2-5 projects at once. You might spend the morning conducting research, the middle of the day working through a difficult problem with colleagues, and the last part of the day engaging with clients. Another day might include participating in interviews with global experts on a particular retirement-related topic, drafting documents for client presentations, reports or memos, and developing your relationship and stakeholder management skill set through meetings or presentations.

You’ll be responsible for leading specific components or workstreams of a project. Here are some examples of specific ways in which an Analyst may contribute to the team:

  • Plan and conduct initial outreach to prospective employers interested in joining one of Common Wealth’s plans
  • Conduct product or retirement research to inform the development of Common Wealth’s software
  • Review academic and industry research to find initial answers to a difficult question related to retirement finance
  • Build a financial model estimating the growth trajectory and financial sustainability of a proposed retirement plan
  • Prepare a presentation for a client summarizing key recommendations that you helped develop with your team. Work with your team to incorporate feedback and edits, before helping present it to the client.
  • Develop content and materials to support retirement communications and education
  • Support the Plan Operations team in plan administration, including member and employer services

Key skills

  • Strong basic quantitative and business analysis skills (including basic Excel modelling and comfort with financial concepts)
  • Ability to conduct high-quality research and learn new things quickly
  • Excellence in communication: written, PowerPoint, spoken
  • High personal autonomy and ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with a wide range of people

Backgrounds that can be helpful in building the "nimble generalist" skill set

  • 2+ years' experience in a professional setting
  • Experience in demanding professional services roles such as management consulting
  • Experience in a start-up or other small, growing organization
  • Experience in, or educational background in business
  • Evidence of entrepreneurial initiative and success
  • Ability to combine different disciplines gained through education or work experience
  • Experience conducting practical research to inform real-world decisions

Do I need to be a pensions and retirement expert?

No, although some related knowledge and experience would be a bonus. If you have the combination of generalist skills with the ability – and humility – to learn technical skills and concepts, we are confident that you will be able to succeed at Common Wealth.

I've never thought about a career in pensions and retirement. Why should I consider this field?

  • Meaningful impact – The global retirement savings gap is estimated at $70 trillion. By making a dent in this problem, you can make a big difference.
  • Growth market – As longevity increases, the need for efficient retirement security is likely to grow.
  • Challenging problem – We’re looking for people who love tackling hard problems. Retirement security is considered one of the most difficult problems in finance. Solutions require creativity and a combination of disciplines, both financial and non-financial.
  • Toronto: a global centre of excellence – Common Wealth is located at the centre of one of the world’s most sophisticated ecosystems for pensions and retirement. Toronto is home to some of the world’s leading pension funds and retirement experts, as well as being a leader in financial services and technology.

Benefits of the opportunity

  • Learn what it takes to build a business. Our small team size and transparent operating style, combined with the variety of the Analyst’s work, mean you will learn more and faster than in most other environments.
  • Gain expertise and experience in the retirement / pensions field at an accelerated pace. Working at Common Wealth will help you start or accelerate a career in the field of pensions and retirement – a growing domain. Here you will work on a wide variety of some of the hardest problems in retirement finance, get exposure to all the relevant disciplines involved in retirement finance, and learn from experts and institutions from around the world.
  • Access mentorship from colleagues with a breadth and depth of experience. You will quickly have the opportunity to work directly with virtually everyone on the team, including team members with decades of experience in the retirement field. We have a relatively senior team for a start-up, and a relatively flat structure, giving Analysts access to excellent mentorship and growth opportunities.
  • Opportunities to grow with the company. The “nimble generalist” model means that Analysts will have a chance to sample different areas of the business. There will be opportunities for advancement across multiple areas as the company evolves.
  • Competitive total rewards. We pay competitively relative to professional services and better than many startups. Analysts have the opportunity to participate in an employee stock option plan, have access to benefits, and receive regular skills-based training.

How do I apply?

To apply for the role, please send your resume and a 200-word statement of interest in a single PDF to careers@cwretirement.com with the subject line “Analyst”. Applications will be accepted until July 20th.