COVID-19 is one of the largest disruptions that Canada and countries around the world have faced in recent memory. The pandemic has resulted in significant health implications as well as a global financial crisis with economic consequences that will be felt for years to come. In the midst of all of this, many Canadians are facing a crisis of financial security.

Ivana Zanardo of HOOPP and Alex Mazer of Common Wealth hosted a webinar on October 27th with panelists Eleanor Marshall of Bell Canada, Elizabeth Mulholland of Prosper Canada, and Renée Légaré of The Ottawa Hospital to discuss:
  • The increased financial stress on Canadians during COVID-19
  • Why financial insecurity for workers is a serious concern for Canadian businesses
  • How access to quality workplace retirement plans that more effectively serve the needs of employees can create greater business value for employers

You can read our previous research report, The Value of a Good Pensionand stay tuned for part two of this research exploring the value of good workplace retirement plans for employers to be released by Common Wealth and HOOPP in 2021!